Friday, February 19, 2016

The uncle story ....

Situation : one of our clients status call which falls over various locations including Europe, US and India. I am running the 1 hour call were I need to take inputs from each team lead, ask update on open items from last day call, look for escalation points and follow up on un finished acts. The team has folks with experience ranging from 2 to 15 years!

I took inputs from our own team at my locations, rounded up Bangalore folks and then about to move on to onshore folks :

Me : As we have covered everyone in offshore, lets move to ppl in UK

High tone lady voice : Oyy uncleee, mera update bhi lenaaa

Me : Err what ?

Male Voice 1 : Abhe mute pe nahi hey

Me : Ohh, I think I missed Hyderabad, can you please share your updates

High tone lady : We have completed X packages and rest being worked at, will be completing them by tomorrow.

[ I could hear a lot of back ground noise where people struggling to control their laughter ]

Me : Thanks Mrs S

I took updates around the globe and summarized the call. The moment I hung up, I could see every one in my conference room on splits .... I realized that I have grown to a place were I could see my self older than most of the team members and hence the name UNCLE. hard realizations, but time is not far before my son would spot a gray hair on my head :)

Lazy afternoon @ office

It has been a lazy month since starting of this Feb as i am into a project awaiting customer clearance. I had set up multiple follow up discussion and to my dismay nothing turned fruitful. So most of my afternoon hours are spend over online news websites and interesting reads in wikipedia. The kind of life i had almost 4 to 6 years ago. As Attukal ponghala - god song started this week, its festival time at home. Yesterday, my niece has her performance in stage 1 and we returned home almost at 11 after a late night juice shop visit. The extended stay reflected bad on my sleep and my eyes today. My mid day sleep at my cubicle was disturbed by none other than my delivery manager !!!

Man i hate the moment you struggle to open eyes from sleep and we see the most dreaded face i could see on floor staring at me. I was speechless for a moment as i am caught red handed / red eyed sleeping in office cubicle. I hope he understands the festival season and the intricacy of local festivals and sleep. Anyways, one leads to another and i am here in my blog world to keep me awake. I am planning to be more active on the blog world going forward. I am not sure how many times i have tried this but you know, nothing comes easy and it will work out only if one keep trying !!!

wish me luck - if anyone still ventures around here :)


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Blog entry after a year !

It has been a while since I sat on my office cubicle like this. Yes there are still ‘to do’ items in my list but not that many which are burning :). I would say the list is of good to have things. How time and situation decides these items are amazing. 3 to 5 years back, many items which were must to have here now cease to exist. From the daily hi-hello call to a must-talk friend to the weekly pub party which is a never-miss thing. Now looking at my schedules, parties are long gone items as the infant with me makes me decide, which dish I get as quick as possible so that we can leave the restaurant / hotel without my kid screaming. Now mile stone updates, my kid has turned one last month, he is growing and he shows similar trends of what I did – less talk and more actions ;)- I started talking properly only as late as after completing my 4rth birthday. I had my first “ everything went bad” trip with my family ( kid and wife) stranded on sides of a national highway at around 11:45 in the night with vicinity of light and heavy rain. Best part was I could not figure out how to take my stepeny tyre due to – no light / heavy rain. Learned to avoid night time rides with some hard learned lesson. Also completed three years of companionship with my beloved wife. Hours and days of learning people on their love – depth and limits of saneness. Work life has eased a bit in last two weeks and I could see day light more than twice this week. Also having time to clean up my messy cubicle / PMO and my mail box / laptop. I hope to get this on the blog if my boss at home ( my kid) allows me to open my leisure laptop!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wine @ home - Baby steps :)

After my brief stints of work in US and Swizz, i had become a hard fan of wine. Be it red or white, I just love Wine + Pasta or Wine + anything that goes well with it. I am not an expert to identify any wine - food combination but many Italian and french restaurant served some amazing combination.  Once back in India, I tried buying wine from our bellowed KB outpost of brands like Sula and all but all of them disappointed me. So i searched on how i can make my own and stumbled on the following link - which was amazing. I tried my bit and following pictures says the rest of the story !

1.5 KG Grapes
50 GM washed and dried wheat
5 ML Yeast
Mashed Grapes in Pot

Filtering part at end of 21st day

Over bit of Sunlight
Got hold of only a Black label bottle :)
Wine - Red Wine !
Content at end of 42 day

Monday, October 21, 2013

Back to the Future :)

This is another impromptu write up from nowhere  I have some news to share and i thought the best way is to break it here and then take a stride. Finally after a wait of 1.5 years after my celebrated wed-lock, my better half got a transfer to my native place, which means, no more shuttle between two ends of two states,  the never ending phone conversation where someone tries to convince the other side that how the call went unnoticed or how long this call has been going on or the least, how long i wanted to call you!

Every month was a schedule with bus tickets, long struggle using IRCTC options, missed out tickets, forgotten non-cancelled tickets and also missed weekend trips to  the other family get together as I was travelling ! Belive me - its not fun being married and asked to stay at two different locations which is more than 10 hours apart. Two in one discussion with any of my friends or managers ends up with the question- are you travelling this weekend ?

so friends, its good bye to trips and travels, its family time :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I am errr ...hmmm kind of Busy !!!

I had kept myself engaged on so called ‘ getting a life’ activities

and gave a rest to the creative side on penning words from what I live
through. Believe me – married life is something which makes you wonder
what surprise it hold until you get hitched and it does throw some
surprises at you as you take it along. For folks who were never
contacted / tried to be invited to my marriage, I am really sorry.
After 30 years of wait, I had to do things in hurry and if I missed
you, I am sorry. I know there are not many readers / followers to this
irregular blog but still I am sorry if I missed inviting you to my
marriage with Ms S and now Mrs Shanks ;) on this July 15th . The
engagement followed by the customary steps at both bride’s and groom’s
place, together with lot of shopping and invitation, the last two to
three months was so much engaging. I am slowly getting into pace with
the life ( now It has added mind power associated with it). But to
keep it short, it was fun and I loved all the center stage attraction
and comments ;)

Now back to where I started, things kept crashing down on me on
each day from different direction, if for a given say its relatives
asking me to visit there place with my family, someday its work that
calls me out of bed at umpteen times. Now I realize the word of
balanced life and I feel it’s an oxymoron. You can never predict or
balance life, all you can achieve is best of day option to drill
through the current day. Most of the time, you get things fall in
place at time, the request, the presence, the presents , the
pleasantry etc. But there would be days when nothing gets going but
still every problem stays until you get back in place and they still
stare at you ! that’s life. One thing I can’t understand is the urge
to pen this down came to me on the most un fortunate time – where I
have an exam to clear in next 1 hour where I have hardly read the
contents of the exam, I have a report delivery supposed to go three
hours ago and I am still typing this out as if, this is the best thing
to do. I am not sure on why I take this exam as its crystal clear that
I would fail but still ruining one attempt of available 2 attempts. So
let me take a conscious step here to stop writing and go through the
content at least once before I take the test .

After note:

Yes I flunked the exam royally, where three separate sections required
60% score to score and maximum over all I could get was a mere 29%.
Thanks to the systems which allowed me change the subject and still I
have two more attempts to clear the new exam . Most of the day time
is gone answering phone on giving updates on what is going and what is
not going good. Rest of the time, it’s on doing what I am supposed to do.
Theoretically I can agree that I have grew old to the 30+ category who
always looks busy with two hand held device to check and respond but
believe me it’s fun at times. The toughest part is there is always one
side of the circle around you which is frowning on a given day due to
your negligence in attending them in the way they expected you to
attend. It can be my better half, my mom / dad, sister / cousin,
friend / friends or my team ..or even a remote ping over my messenger
/ FB which I failed to answer and last but not the least – my blog or
by dusted guitar. The only answer to all this is - live along and things will fall in place at the right time .....

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

RMS on Wheels -1 : Done deal

After riding different four wheelers for about three months and an extended wait of 6 months ( Thanks to Toyota Nippon dealer - kerala : for extended wait time), i got my hands on my first vehicle in India - Toyota Innove. As usual its just another car, but a comfort ride. Still i have that owners pride smile all over my face and not looking at the monthly fuel bills ;)

So if anyone crash lands in tvm and looking for a ride, gimme a call. If i am around, will give a quick tour of tvm on my new car ..... i mean station wagon - to be precise :D

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I wonder why ??????????????????

It is a little disheartening to wakeup everyday morning into such level of negatives. I am hearing negativity / judgments / sadness / War everywhere. This is not the first time I am talking about the negatives we are having around us. Each day morning the daily news paper opens with another round of sex scandals involving minors or another set of ministers doing a multi billion scandal. This is not just in India but worldwide. Then again several stories, one furnished with details on how a friend was beheaded and packed into plastic bags and buried, or how much more black money in banks or how corrupt is our current judiciary. Yes, its human nature to get attracted to such sticky news but I hardly find a news / a story or a discussion which leaves a smile of satisfaction to anyone’s face. Only question I have is if such real positive incidents and stories doesn’t happen at our times or the media is not interested in broadcasting / publishing any of those because they are only worried about their TRP and number of readers ???